Sulie Carmack

While you might read/hear some nice things said about me, Sulie is truly “my better half”. Her feet hit the floor at 6am and she is “go, go, go!” until 7p at night. She is organized (REorganized our garage 4 times! in summer of 2021 thanks to Covid), hardest worker I know, dedicated, caring, and extremely conscientious. And absolutely lovely inside and out. And I am the stiff that is lucky enough to have her as a wife and partner. We are a team and she is an invaluable help. From helping Sellers organize and coordinate “what to keep”, “what to sell”, “what to discard” (and how to), she is amazing. She is a licensed real estate agent and is Excellent at cleaning, staging, presentation, and helping sellers as part of the process. I may get great reviews, but we are a team and you will absolutely love and appreciate Sulie.