Chip Carmack


If you read my reviews or watch the video testimonials, you will see and hear a common thread. I like people and I like helping people. I care about you and your needs FIRST (my needs will get met BECAUSE I help you). I tend to be a little OCD with communication. It is not uncommon for me to be texting until 9 or 10p at night helping my clients. I try to explain everything that you need to know (and why). Besides being a licensed Realtor for many years, I still hold my license as a Contractor and know “more than the average bear” about construction and remodeling. I also have great contacts to help you in any of your needs. I grew up here since 1969 and have lived in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, and Wellington over the past 53 years. I know Tequesta down to Lake Worth EXTREMELY well as I worked those areas as a Contractor for over 30 years. I bring all my knowledge and experience plus a communicative and caring personality to help you and your needs.